The Temporary Skilled Graduate visa

The Temporary Skilled Graduate visa

The Temporary Skilled Graduate visa is a temporary visa allows overseas students who do not meet the criteria for a permanent General Skilled Migration visa to remain in Australia for 18 to 48 months to gain skilled work experience or improve their English language skills. This visa has no restrictions on work, study and travel.

This visa is for international students who have studied for a minimum of 18 months at an Australian educational institution, and received a diploma, degree, masters or doctorate. Depending on your situation, the visa is valid for 18 to 48 months, and allows you to live, study and work in the country.

The visa covers dependents of the main applicant who are in Australia at the time you apply, but family members outside Australia may also apply once the visa is granted. At any time, 485 visa holders can submit an Expression of Interest through the SkillSelect system should you want to apply for a 189 or 190 visa.

Skilled Graduate visa streams
1. Graduate work stream

This is for international students who graduate with the skills and qualification related to a job on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The visa allows you to work for 18 months from the date you receive it.

To qualify, you are required to:
  • nominate an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). You can only select 1, and this cannot be changed.
  • provide evidence that you had applied for a skills assessment for your nominated skilled occupation by a relevant assessing authority , or that this has been successfully completed.
  • prove your degree(s), diploma(s), or trade qualification(s) used to meet the Australian study requirement is closely related to your nominated skilled occupation.
  • meet the 2-year Australian study requirement . The program has to be taught in English.
2. Post-study work stream

This visa is for international students who have graduated with a higher education degree, no matter what subject was studied. The visa is valid for 2-4 years, depending on the highest qualification you achieved in Australia:

  • 2-year visa = Bachelor Degree / Bachelor Degree with Honours / Masters by Coursework Degree / Masters (extended) Degree
  • 3-year visa = Masters by Research Degree
  • 4-year visa = Doctoral Degree
485 visa criteria

When you are applying, you must

  • hold a valid visa (student or bridging)
  • must be under 50 years old
  • be in Australia
  • provide evidence of competent English through either Band 6 for each skill in the IELTS test, or equitant
  • have health insurance in Australia
  • you may also have to seek accreditation from the industry body associated with your skills/qualifications (i.e. Engineers Australia)
  • must meet health & character requirements
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